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Welcome to UNi4 Online, your partner in Online Program Management, a gateway to a diverse range of education.  By saying "Yeah, sure, I'm on board with these Terms," you're also giving the thumbs up to the following rules we've got going on our website.  You can find them there, just a click away, and they're all part of these Terms.  We're talking about the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Cancellation and Refund Policy, and Website Terms of Use. So, go ahead and give them a read, alright?

You can find information about the accreditation and credits for your chosen course on the course's Product page.  Before making a purchase, it's important to be aware of the course's accreditation, industry endorsement, external registration, and any exam requirements. Our Student Advisors will guide you through the purchase process and help regarding all the course requirements, particularly for conditional courses.

It's important to note that the accreditation of the Brand-partner you choose to buy your course from is crucial. UNi4 Online ensures that the respective Brand-partner's accreditation with the relevant educational authority is in place. They make it easy for you to access this information by providing a link on the Brand-partner's page and/or on the product you purchased. This allows you to conveniently reference and verify their credentials.

You've chosen the Debit Order option, which will kick in on a specific date and get the funds from your bank account. Just make sure you accept the DebiCheck mandate, as it ensures smooth and uninterrupted service by ensuring regular payments. It's important to have enough funds in your account before the debit order date to avoid any issues. Remember, if there are payment failures, there might be some penalty costs involved. So, let's keep it cool and make sure everything goes smoothly!

A. Accessing your Programme

To get started with the program, you'll want to have a specific email address ready to go. This will be the username you'll use to access everything.  Besides that, make sure you have a computer, laptop, or tablet handy, along with a reliable internet connection.  It would be helpful if you can read PDFs using Adobe PDF Reader, use Microsoft Excel, view PowerPoint presentations, and create and read documents in Microsoft Word.

B. Programme Fees

If someone else is covering the cost of your online short learning program, that person or organisation will have to follow all the rules and conditions mentioned in these Terms.  If you're under 18, you'll need to get written consent and help from your parents or legal guardian before you can agree to these terms or sign up for an online short learning program.  To make sure we follow all the necessary laws, our academic department will handle your registration separately.

Debit Order Mandate

We utilise a debit order service called Debicheck, this service requires customers to electronically authenticate collections by approving their debit order mandate.  As a result, the debit order can be collected from your account without being disputed.

A Debit Order can be a convenient payment plan however it is crucial to ensure that you can comfortably afford this arrangement.  Any payment failures will result in additional administrative work and will therefore incur a penalty fee of R100 per failed debit order.

Failure to make a Payment.

Failure to pay an instalment towards your Course Fees by the agreed-upon due date (as discussed during registration and specified in your invoice), will result in suspension of your participation in the program.  While you are under suspension, you will not be able to access the Learning Environment until you clear the outstanding instalment. 

We reserve the right to cancel your registration and remove you from the course should you not rectify your arrear account with 14 days. Unfortunately, no refund will be granted in such a situation.

C. Cancellations and Refunds

Should you wish to cancel your registration for the programme, you need to formally request a cancellation.  A request for cancellation must be substantiated with a reason and relevant supporting documents.  A designated Retention Officer will be appointed, and they will be happy to chat with you about your intention to cancel and help you make an informed decision.  Should you decide to proceed with the cancellation, your Retention Officer is your point-of-contact.

Just so you know, if you need to cancel outside the cooling-off period, there will be penalties involved. Please refer to the below schedule of penalties

Penalty Fees:

Cancellation Fee – dependent on the course utilization with a minimum cancellation fee of 15% of the course fee

Admin Fee – R 500 .00 (Online Short Course)

Admin Fee – R 1000.00 (Online Full Qualification)

Should the Student cancel:

The below amounts will apply:

The existing course & request to do a course change

The student and/or Sponsor will be liable to pay a standard admin fee based on the previous selected course

Within the cooling – off period of the enrolment contract.

Should the Student and/or Sponsor have an upfront payment, the Student or Sponsor will be entitled to a 100% refund of all amounts paid to Uni4 Online, excluding the admin fee which is based on the selected course

Outside the cooling- off period of the enrolment contract.

Should the Student and/or Sponsor have an upfront payment, the Student or Sponsor will be entitled to a partial refund of amounts paid to Uni4 Online, excluding the admin fee & the course utilization cancellation fee


 We follow the South African Consumer Protection Act when it comes to any cancellations during the cooling-off period.  Your obligation is to lodge the request for cancellation within the period of fourteen (14) working days after the date of sale.  You can use any of our communication channels to do this.  The Retention Officer will make sure that all the desired information is requested.

D. Support

When you sign up, make an account, or use any of UNi4 Online services, it's important that you give us all the right information, including personal details.  So please, keep it real, accurate, and don't leave anything out. If anything changes, like your name or address, it's your responsibility to give us the heads up.

If you're looking for some academic assistance or course lectures, we've got you covered through our awesome learner management system.  To access it, simply log in using the provided login credentials.

Our Online Academic Tutors are your go-to people for any academic queries you may have. You can reach out to them via the Learning Management System’s chat function or where you have a Microsoft Teams subscription.  In case they can't resolve your query or if you need a more detailed response regarding course content, they'll gladly escalate it to a Student Success Coordinator.

Financial support with your Debit Order can be coordinated with your Student Success Coordinator.  If you foresee a payment problem, get in touch with us immediately.  We have you covered, don’t fail to pay, we can always work it out.  Our philosophy is aligned with PASA’s Thembeka “Honour your Debit Order”.  We both want you to complete your course successfully.  You are making this agreement, now you should honour it.  Honour your agreement, honour your debit order and be respected.  Thembeka.

If you have problems, it is better to contact us to make arrangements that to be dishonourable.  To honour your debit order and be respected, there are a few things you should plan:

1.       Make money available in your account to cover the amount of the correct debit order, or

2.       Contact us to try and make a different payment arrangement other than what you have in place according to the debit order mandate you have given, or

3.       Cancel the debit order mandate in the correct way if you are unable to or unwilling to pay the monthly amount.

E. Deferrals

If you're a student who wants to take a break from your studies or a specific course, you can submit a written application to any of our UNi4 Online communication channels. We'll then review your request and propose flexible options.  Use this option especially when you have trouble making payments.  Note that your request must be reasonable and executable, and we do reserve the right to a final decision. 

If any deferral charge is payable, your Student Success Coordinator will discuss that with you so that you are aware of all your obligations. 

You can find information on our Deferral Policy from the Terms & Conditions on the website, for your reference.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance.

F.       Certification

Upon successfully completing your online short learning program, UNi4 Online will present you with a Certificate of Completion in the Brand-partner’s name as the certificate issuer.  It is issued under your legal name (provided during the registration process) so kindly note that the award of a certificate is contingent upon meeting the specified requirements of the course and that your financial obligations have been met.

To ensure safe delivery, UNi4 Online despatches your Certificate of Completion via courier to the delivery street address provided during registration or any other address you have designated.  It is your responsibility to provide accurate address details, and UNi4 Online cannot be held liable for any incorrect or missing address information.